Winter 2022 - Spring 2023

American University of Beirut

Data-driven Methods in Science and Engineering

How do we go from a high dimensional, noisy, nonlinear, complex, and multiscale universe to simple and predictive mathematical models? This course introduces traditional and modern data-driven modeling techniques using a wide variety of examples in physical, social and biological sciences.

Spring 2021

University of Washington

Deep Learning for Fluid Dynamics

Deep learning has revolutionized many fields of science and engineering; in particular, fluid dynamics. This course introduces deep learning and its applications to fluid dynamics, including: surrogate modeling, closure modeling, equation discovery, etc.

Courtesy of SL Brunton

Summer 2018

American University of Beirut

Introduction to Multiphase Flow in Porous Media

How do water and air flow through soil when it rains? How does water push oil under high pressure in porous rock? This course introduces basic concepts in fluid flow in porous media, including: immiscible/miscible flows, Richards equation, Buckley-Leverett equation.

Courtesy of M.Wang